Kevin Harvick/Busch, Photographer Nate Holtgberg, RepHeads Racing Photography DONE RIGHT with Nate Holtberg

Photographer Nate Holtberg recently shot some images for Busch beer with racer Kevin Harvick. Check out some of the final shots, behind the scenes and words from Nate himself! “I was given detailed direction which laid a strong basis for the direction of the shoot. Overall though, it was a free flowing spontaneous adventure as… Read More

Cristy Guy & We Monsters // 7UP Kick it Up Campaign // St Louis Photographer Rep & Creative Team, RepHeads

HAIR & MAKEUP // Cristy Guy WARDROBE STYLIST // Cristy Guy POST PRODUCTION // We Monsters   Cristy Guy worked on set for hair & makeup as well as wardrobe styling for the Tim Howard shoot in Memphis and then flew to Portugal to do the same for Hector Herrera. Then, We Monsters created the… Read More

Mike Feher Photographer - Repheads. Commercial Photography St Louis Mike Feher // Environmental Portraiture // St Louis Photographer Rep & Creative Team, RepHeads

“Being a photographer for 29 years has taught me a few things: one, never take anything for granted when planning a shoot and two, never have tunnel vision and always keep your mind open to serendipity. Some of the best images I’ve been a part of weren’t specifically what the layout called for. My motto… Read More

Snapple & Maroon 5 On Set // St Louis Photographer Rep & Creative Team, RepHeads

Snapple came out with a new flavor of bottled tea a while back affectionately named by this incredible group of talented guys! The flavor name they came up with while lab testing was Finkleberry. Although the flavor was a special one time roll out, it clearly displayed their fun attitude toward the business. There were… Read More

Print Campaign for 7-Up with Chelsea Handler // St Louis Photographer Rep & Creative Team, RepHeads

Denise Hopkins and Katie Hoehne produced a print shoot campaign with the amazing Chelsea Handler in Los Angeles in September at the incredible MILK STUDIOS. She was funny, super tiny and a huge dog lover! You can check out some of the final work at 7-Up’s website here. Thanks for the laughs Chelsea, looking forward… Read More

St Louis Production Team Behind the Scenes: Budweiser Clydesdales // St Louis Photographer Rep & Creative Team, RepHeads

There’s nothing better to get us in the holiday spirit like snow and Clydesdales! We’d like to share some gorgeous behind-the-scenes shots of the AB/Inbev Clydesdales shoot which only happens every 10 years. Rick & Tony Meoli were truly honored to be given the opportunity to capture this significant event. Enjoy! & Merry Christmas to… Read More

Part III: An Open Letter From A Photographers Agent

Recently I received an email from photographer Scott Teitler that struck home and was so significant I felt compelled to share it with each of you. This particular letter was directed towards photographers, however I think it’s extremely relative to all the creatives we work with throughout this business.  Much like Photography Rep, Heather Elder… Read More