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Ana Brillembourg |

Ana’s styling skills have placed her at the pinnacle of the fashion industry, working with the likes of Bruce Weber and Jeff Bark, among many others. Ana has proven herself an essential element in achieving the vision of any project, with her impeccable sense of style, eye for detail, and nuanced gentle approach. Born in Venezuela to Spanish parents, Ana was sketching dress patterns by age 6. Ana left South America to the United States to pursue her education. She graduated from the Art Institute with a Bachelor’s in Interior Design. Through her studies and work experience Ana explored and gained a mastery of color, form, and function. Ana’s love of fashion brought her to the most renowned Digital capture Company in the nation, at the time. Ana managed Industrial Color Miami while traversing between her office and the company’s New York City headquarters. Ana was responsible for managing accounts and equipment, implementing marketing strategies, and supervising digital techs. During her 4 seasons at IC Ana was witness to the Digital Revolution and was able to assist her clients seamlessly incorporate the new medium. Ana next transitioned to be an agent at a prominent Fashion and Beauty agency. Her charisma gained her, many new contacts and colleagues while working with clients and artists on countless projects across the spectrum of the industry. While establishing herself as a Producer, Agent, and Artist Consultant, Ana organically honed her craft as a Stylist.

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