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Corey Kopischke |

Twenty five years ago, Corey Kopischke picked up a camera, not knowing photography would become such an important part of his life. He discovered a new creative language for himself as an image maker, launching his career in commercial photography.While collaborating with architects, ad agencies, ski areas and other publishing companies, Corey has expanded his craft from adventure sports & travel to commercial lifestyle and the editorial world. Corey has been traveling back and forth between Colorado and the Wasatch mountains of Utah while concentrating on his commercial work through the diverse landscapes and extreme outdoor professional sports athletes. Corey brings a creative enthusiasm to projects which allows him to open up creatively to each unique shooting situation. As he lets each location speak to him, that enthusiasm translates into brilliant photographs and the viewer feels as much a part of the scene as he is. His client roster includes Rolling Stone magazine, Freeze, Freeskier, Snowcountry, Steamboat Magazine, Baja Life, Hart skis, Burton snowboards, SmartWool, Fat Eddys and Homes & Land Magazine. “Shooting lifestyle allows one to enter peoples' lives briefly and reflect upon spontaneous human emotions in an artistic manner that is visually recorded forever.

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