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For over 15 years Jeff Scroggins continues to work for clients in the architectural, design, manufacturing and resort & hospitality worlds. Jeff has an unsurpassed ability to take visual projects from creative brief to executed “big idea”. His technical expertise in seeing light the way the camera sees light, visual story telling ability and inquisitive nature allow him to produce award-winning images for his clients. Clients know who they are and the messages they need to tell their customers. It is Jeff's job to help them communicate those messages visually; ultimately, creating the hero shots that make a brand stand out in the market place.

"Jeff is a visionary. Not only does he take some of the best photography with a strong eye for architecture and people, extracting a visual personality in both, he can also see through the clutter of any creative problem and come up with the best solution. It's rare to work with someone who can achieve all of those things while also adhering to their core talent with such perfection.”-Troy Myatt, former Creative Director, Southwest Airlines Pilots Association

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