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Mitch Burmeister | ,

Mitch has worked for many years throughout the advertising arena wearing many hats including a Marketing Rep at Anheuser Busch, a photographer, a project manager, a chef, a location manager, and a producer just to name a few.

"My interest in the road less travelled has led me to some of the most fascinating places, people and cultures worldwide. Following college, and a few years of climbing the corporate ladder, it became clear that in order to achieve success, my professional identity must reflect and further integrate my passion and natural aptitude as a photographer. It was with this mindset that I ventured across the pond to Europe, cameras in tow to take up residence in Paris, France. My curiosity found me always looking around the next corner, rummaging through antique stores, relishing culinary delights and working for some of the fashion industries most iconic photographers. Feeling confident in my craft, I did what everyone does…I moved to Japan. I spent the next two years shooting and exploring the eastern rim all-the-while absorbing the decadent cultures surrounding me. Next thing you know, I have a funky little shanty in Laurel Canyon, a studio down the hill in Hollywood, and a couple of classic cars for me to tinker with. It was at this time that I began fielding requests by friends to consult on the design and renovation of their homes and businesses’. I missed the travel and adventure of photography so I find myself right in the center of this crazy world of photography!+ - Mitch Burmeister

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