Sometimes A Cigar Isn’t Just a Cigar – Tony Meoli // St Louis Photographer Rep & Creative Team, RepHeads

Photographer's Rep and Production Team

Recently a client came to us with a high priority project for Macanudo Cigars re-launch of their new website.  This project required a tight turnaround time of less than a week to shop, prep, source and photograph eight shots ranging from a single cigar to a box of cigars in upscale environments.  We knew this would take some ingenuity but knew we were more than capable.  We immediately rounded up environmental stylist, Becky McFarland to start shopping.  Becky met with four of the top tobacconists in town to find out what tools worked best with each cigar to ensure we told the proper story. Once she purchased the best of the best crystal ashtrays, 14-karat gold lighters and finest leather cigar boxes we were ready to let photographer, Tony Meoli work his magic.  The set that day was filled with the nostalgic ambiance of old Hollywood meets high end Macanudo Cigar upscale lounge in New Yorks Upper East Side.  When the shoot wrapped the crew and Macanudo team reflected on the days’ success with a good cigar.


Photographer's Rep and Production Team Photographer's Rep and Production Team Photographer's Rep and Production Team


“If I cannot smoke cigars in heaven, I shall not go.” – Mark Twain